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Seven Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Implement Quickly

Are you looking for quick ways to declutter your kitchen and make it look more sorted? We have noted down the seven easy-to-implement kitchen design ideas for you. Do read till the end!

Who likes a scattered kitchen? We are sure, none of you here! Of all the places in your home, the kitchen has the most stuff – the dishes, cookware, spices, containers, cookbooks, crockery, etc. Keeping the kitchen clean and organized is not an easy task, but with some minor changes, you can make your job much easier.

To make your kitchen more spacious, the first step should be to remove all the accessories that you do not use. Anything and everything that you have not employed even once in the past year needs no space in your kitchen. You can place it in your backyard or garage and make more space in the kitchen for other necessary equipment.

Lets us go through some not-so-hard to execute kitchen design tips and tricks:

Ingenious Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Hang Cups, Pots And Knives

Having a few hooks on the kitchen wall to hang items like cups and pots that otherwise take up so much of the limited kitchen space is a great idea. Cups, pots and some cookware have handles and can be easily hung. By doing so, these items become more accessible. You may also add a few magnetic strips to the kitchen walls so you can use them to hang your small, metal accessories like knives, knobs, etc.

2. Make Partition in Cabinets

Often times, there are deep drawers or long cabinets in a kitchen, and a big space of them goes underutilized. One of the easiest yet most advantageous hacks is to use baskets, trays or racks to section the space into multiple different segments and utilize each of them to store multiple different items. Search on Amazon for drawer organizers, and you will be astonished by the results.

3. Don’t Overlook Kitchen Door

A genius solution to your unorganized pantry is the hanging shoe organizer. It has see-through pockets arranged in rows and columns and can be tied/hanged to the kitchen door. It not only places all your pantry in one place but the see-through pockets also save your search time. Made of high-grade plastic, it is low on maintenance and can be quickly cleaned with a wipe cloth.

4. Utilize Vertical Space

Multi-tier baskets/stands with at least 3-4 tiers take minimal vertical space but accommodate a lot of items. The larger ones can easily be placed at one corner in the kitchen while the smaller ones may even fit in a corner of the countertop. These are very convenient to shift from one place to another and you may opt to have as many in your kitchen.

5. Install Shelves on Backsplash

A few kitchen items that are needed multiple times in a day can very well be placed in the open on the shelves. You may choose to have wooden or glass shelves below your cabinets but away from the cooking range and the washing area. You can use these shelves to arrange your spices and some everyday use items like sugar, tea, coffee, etc. so that these are placed at a hand’s distance.

6. Use Labels on Containers

Even if you use transparent jars to store your spices and grams, you may still get confused while cooking and spoil a dish by picking up a wrong ingredient in a hurry. One tip to save you the search and cooking time is to use explanatory labels to name each container. If needed, you may also place an expiry date on along with the name on the label.

7. Organize Soap Supplies

The most untidy place of the kitchen is often the sink area. If you have a small kitchen, you can put to use the area below the sink to your benefit and maintain the kitchen counter always clean. Use a stack of shelves hanged from the walls/doors of the cabinet under the sink to hold the gloves, rags, dishwashing soap, brushes, etc.

Tweaking a few things in your kitchen every now and then is an effortless way to beautify your kitchen and give it a fresh look and feel. You may also re-arrange accessories at every season change. Like in the winters, the oven, griller, and barbeque can be placed to be more accessible while in the summers you may pull out the juicer, blender and water jars from the deep cabinets.

The handiest of all the kitchen design ideas is to always start redoing your kitchen from a small area. Start with one cabinet or shelf at a time and throw away the undesired items to make more accessible the everyday ones.

Hope you have enjoyed reading these kitchen design ideas. Want to share any other tip? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.