/How to Hire Domestic Maid Quickly

How to Hire Domestic Maid Quickly

Shifted to a new city? Finding a domestic maid can be a cumbersome task. Read this article to find a domestic maid quickly.

To hire a domestic maid can be much more complicated than recruitment of any other resources for work. There might not be a dearth of recommendation from friends, and there are, in fact, many maid agencies coming up in the recent year. No matter whether you take the help of an agency or not, the system of checks and balances makes the hiring quite a challenging job. However, there are times when hiring a maid becomes unavoidable. For instance, a new job or a newborn, that leaves very little time in your hands to clean up and maintain the household in proper conditions.

The following five steps can ensure you hire a domestic maid quickly.

1- The way to find the maid

There are two ways to find the maid. One is the traditional way of asking your friends and neighbors for help. They can either recommend the same maid that works in their house or ask their maid to find someone similar to you. The other is the modern approach to finding the right maid through a maid agency. There are several maid agencies, but the problem arises as most of the agencies are not online. You need to keep out a keen eye to find out the maid agencies active in your vicinity. If you cannot find much help online, you can ask your neighbors or other acquaintances if they can suggest you the maid agency they got help from.

2- Knowing the experience of the maid

Experienced maids might cost higher than the inexperienced once, but it is worth the expense in the long run. An experienced maid will finish the work on time and not botch-up the jobs in a hurry. Depending on the work that you give her until she is experienced enough, she might end up creating a mess like breaking utensils while cleaning or not getting your breakfast prepared before you leave for office. So, when you are hiring a maid, make sure you ask her whether this is her first job or not. It is best to hire someone with at least two years of experience in working as a maid.

3- Background check and identity verification

This is one of the most important steps in the process of hiring a maid as the point is not just hiring the right person but also a safe person. You rely a lot on your maid and need to trust her to a great extent. You are leaving a major portion of the responsibilities of the house on her and that makes it imperative to hire a person with a good background. The maid agency does the background check, but you still need to do some verification on your own. Ask for genuine ID proofs like ration card, voter’s card, etc. The maid agencies sometimes avoid police verification thinking it is too much of a hassle. You can get police verification done on your own just to be sure.

4- Discuss the remunerations

The fees of your maid will depend on a lot of things; for instance, the number of hours, variety of services, and years of experience. If you are hiring a full-time maid, the costs are obviously higher than what you will need to shell out for a few hours. The maid will also ask for a few holidays in the month, and it is important to discuss if you are going to pay her for the holidays or not. Also, talk to her about the types of work she needs to do in your house. Someone who only does the job of cooking will charge you much less than someone who does the cooking, cleaning, and washing.

5- Discuss the working hours

The purpose of hiring a domestic maid is to save time, but it all becomes pointless if your maid does not turn up on time. There is no point in asking your maid whether she comes on time or not as no maid will confess the truth of her timings. It is better to ask someone who has hired her before you. The previous employer will be able to give a proper review of the timings. In any case, it is not a bad idea to check up on the previous employer as you will get to know a lot more than just the timings that she keeps. Remember that if the maid is not punctual, it will end up affecting your punctuality.

To hire a domestic maid can be quick and easy by following these steps. The thing to remember in this regard is that you must set your objectives right. For instance, do not expect a maid who will never ask for holidays or bonus. Set realistic expectations when you are going to hire a domestic maid and then you have better chances of finding the right person for your household.