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Seven Tips to Find a Dog Sitter Quickly

To find a dog sitter whom you can trust is not an easy task these days. You will have to consider many things. These seven tips will help you walk through the process without hassle.

Pets are more like a human, they need exercise, proper grooming, timely feeding, and entertainment to bust the stress and elate their mood. But many of us have little time because of the busy lifestyle. This is where the need for the professional caretaker arises. And to make it easy, we have made the list of seven easiest tips for you to quickly find a dog sitter who can walk your pet, feed your pet timely, and take care of every single need of your dog while you are away from home.

Tips to Find a Dog Sitter:

1- Talk to Your Pet Doctor

A professional dog sitter has a good network support, so your pet doctor would be a better person to ask for recommendations. A professional caretaker has experience of working with many leading vets.

So your pet doctor may have known such a good dog sitter. For older and special needs pets, a professional dog sitter who has a good relationship with leading vets would provide a better peace of mind in case of a medical emergency.

2- Talk to People in Your Circle

Word of mouth is never fake, meaning the people you know would never lie to you. So you must ask your friends, relatives or neighbors who have pets if they know a dog sitter who is good enough to hire. They will provide you with honest advice.

And this is, by far, according to me, the best way to get to know about dog sitters who you can hire to take care of your dog.

3-Prepare a List of Questions

The human society of the United States has set some parameters for screening dog sitters. You can use them to make the list of questions you should ask a dog sitter before you decide to hire him or her.

Among the most pertinent questions that you should ask when you want to hire dog sitting services of a pet care agency is: Can they provide the proof of commercial liabilities insurance to cover any kind of accident and negligence? Are they are liable to provide protection against the theft by a pet sitter?

This way, you can ensure you hire a dog sitter who is reliable to be let in your house while you are away.

4-Never Forget to Ask for References

To find a dog sitter is easy, but find a reliable one is an uphill battle. All the pet sitters claim to be the best. But do not just trust their words. Instead, ask them to provide you with references to their clients.

Call and talk with them, discussing all crucial points. This will help you decide who you should hire to take care of your dog.

5-Select a Certified Dog Sitter

The best recommendation I can suggest is that you should contact at least two national level pet sitters associations. Or pet sitters international, the most coveted organization of highly professional pet sitters, and it has also been providing “ Pet sitter of year” award for excellence.

The pet sitters associations are where you not only find useful information about pet sitters, but also a lot of crucial things that help you choose the right dog sitter for you. So never forget to hear what the pet sitters have to say about when it comes to hiring a dog sitter.

6-Hire a Dog Sitter from a Renowned Boarding Facility

It is pretty rife that your pet sitter may stop rendering the service. Such cases are easy to notice. And the best way you can go with is to hire a dog sitter who works with an established boarding facility.

The one greatest benefit here is that if your dog sitter denies rendering service further, you can be provided with another dog sitter. So you do not have to take the trouble of again spending hours on searching for a new pet sitter for your dog.

7-Go through the Agreement Document Carefully

Last yet not the least, read the agreement documents carefully. Do this even though you think you have landed the best deal. Pay heed to even minor detail and never shy to ask your dog sitter to make it if there is anything you are doubtful of, clear to you.

Be very attentive when studying the contract to make sure that everything that has been discussed and agreed upon has been included in the agreement. If possible, accompany with you someone who has earlier used pet sitting services, to help you in this regard.

To sum up, these are what I find very helpful in finding and choosing pet sitting services that you can rely on. However, you are advised to do all that you think you should and can help you find a dog sitter quickly. I too would want to know them. So do tell me about them in the comment below.

Sunil Sharma is a writer at DoQuiuckly. He ghost blogs for startups and individuals. You can contact him on LinkedIn for any freelance writing work.