/8 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer (That Work Quickly)

8 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer (That Work Quickly)

Searching tips on how to stay hydrated? Here are 8 proven ways to beat the heat this season.

As the summer approaches and the temperature soars, knowing the right methods of staying hydrated is of utmost importance. Most of our knowledge of staying hydrated begins and ends with drinking water. While water is obviously really important, it is not the be-all and end-all. There are a lot many things that you can do in order to keep yourself hydrated through this extreme season.

Here is a list of eight things that can help you beat the heat quickly.

1- Drink enough water

This is the most significant one among all the steps of staying hydrated. Make it a habit of drinking sufficient quantities of water daily. Developing the habit of drinking water is pretty simple. For instance, remind yourself to gulp down a glass of water first thing in the morning and then several glasses through the day. Do not make a hard and fast rule of eight glasses daily. Just take it easy on yourself but remind yourself about drinking enough water.

2- Loading up on fruits and veggies

Load up on as much of seasonal fruits and veggies as you can for the season. Things like melons, spinach, peppers, and strawberries can deliver up to half a cup of water per serving. There are so many ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Mix up as many veggies in your lunch and dinner as you can. Cut up fresh fruits and have them on the sides instead of going for fried chips or munchies.

3- Set timer regarding drinking water

Forgetting to drink water is one of the main issues that most of us face. Setting a timer can be helpful in programming the mind to lead it to better drinking habits. Set the timer on your phone to remind you every hour. Drink at least eight ounces of water every time the timer goes off. Take your time to finish the water and then go back to the work that you were doing. You can also carry a thermos and drink lukewarm water every ten minutes. This Ayurveda technique works wonders to keep you hydrated.

4- Drinking iced tea and coffee

The popular notion is that things like tea and coffee end up drying out the body from the inside. However, this is not entirely true. Iced tea or coffee is not delicious to drink but also packs in some great anti-oxidants that make you feel refreshed and cool. This does not mean you keep on sipping tea and coffee all through the day. Make sure that you drink these beverages in moderation like a cup or two.

5- Avoid alcohol

Alcohol decreases the production of anti-diuretic hormones. These hormones help the body reabsorb water. Thus, the more alcohol is consumed, the more the body gets dehydrated. Besides, alcohol increases the rate of urination which just means further loss of water from the body. The added symptoms are dry mouth, headaches, and thirst. You can try drinking a glass of water or coconut water for every alcoholic beverage that you have.

6- Have cold soups

Believe it or not, cold soups are great for hydration. You should go for broth-based soups as they are the most hydrating for the body. The soups that are broth base have ample amounts of salt which help the body to fight dehydration and retain the water. You can go for gazpacho soups or carrot soups. Add up different flavors like cucumber or watermelon to the broth and make it delicious and more nutritious. Your broth for the hot summer day will keep you cool from the inside.

7- Consume minerals

You can add raw sea salt to your drinking water and that can increase the absorption of water in the body. The proper balance of minerals makes the body stay hydrated for long hours. If you start adding salt to your daily drinking water you will notice the change in your body in a matter of a few days. Adding minerals also gives a boost to the thyroid and adrenal functions. Thus, you are not just hydrated but also energized during the summers.

8- Exercise smartly

Your exercise routine need not get changed just because summer is here. In fact, your exercise routine will turn out to be so much better if you can incorporate smart drinking of water. The time you exercise more than an hour, have some water with sports drinks that have around 6-8 percent carbohydrate in them. This prevents the body from losing excess water and feeling weak.

The ways to stay hydrated are plenty and these eight are top of the list for the effectiveness and the speed at which they start working. Staying cool and composed during the sweltering heat of the summers is easy as a breeze when you take up the right precautions early on in the season.

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