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7 Healthy Breakfast Items that You Can Make Quickly

Making breakfast is easy, but deciding what to cook for breakfast is often tedious. Here is the list of seven healthy breakfast items that you can cook quickly.

You must have heard a number of times from both elders and doctors that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But in our busy daily life, we seldom get the time to prepare a full-course breakfast menu. The need for those hectic mornings is something that is yummy, nutritious but easily made. Make sure your breakfast ticks all the three boxes of wholesome, healthy, and quick. The following are the healthy breakfast items to prepare in minutes and you would not even need to be a master chef to prepare these healthy breakfast items.

1- Berry and yogurt smoothie

The delicious and simple smoothie is perfect for the morning rush. All you need are the frozen fruits like berries and bananas, some Greek yogurt and any liquid of your choices like coconut water, juices, or milk. Freeze all of these overnight and then let it thaw through the day. You can blend it all up in the morning and save some for the afternoons. This is something absolutely filling without adding unnecessary calories to your first meal of the day. You can actually make this in five minutes. It just does not get quicker than this one.

2- Spicy oatmeal and egg

Oatmeal and eggs are breakfast staples for most of us and combining them together make for the perfect meal. Whenever we think of oatmeal, we think of something sweet with all the sugar and cinnamon that goes into it. Give it a twist by adding some salt and pepper to it and make it spicy. Top it off with a fried or poached egg and your yummy plate of goodness is ready. You can sprinkle on a bit of cheese over it all if you want. Won’t you try this one of the most healthy┬ábreakfast items today?

3- Chia and quinoa porridge

Replace your traditional hot breakfast cereals with quinoa. Cook quinoa in milk and add fruits with any kind of sweet spices. You can use any kind of milk like soymilk, cow milk or almonds, for cooking the quinoa. This super-easy recipe is not just high in protein but is also a storehouse of important amino acids like that of lysine. Lysine helps in tissue repair and growth. Just put the chia and quinoa into a pot and boil. Toppings for this one are all your favorite fruits.

4- Avocado toast and egg

This recipe is another example that simple is better when it comes to breakfast meals. Smash avocado and spread it on top of two lightly toasted, whole grain bread slices. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and you are already halfway through making your breakfast. The dose of protein to the dish is added by two sunny-side-up eggs on the sides. Your well-rounded plate of breakfast is ready to be enjoyed. You can stack it all in a Tupperware container for breakfast on the go or combine both of it to make a sandwich. You will have to cook the yolks a bit more for the sandwich.

5- Egg muffin

Muffins need not be all sugary and sweet, and the egg-lovers can have their own delicious muffin made in no time. Whisk the eggs and keep adding cheese, bacon, and spinach into the eggs. Pour this mixture into muffin tins. Bake it for around 15 to 20 minutes, and the egg muffin is ready to be served. You can even make some muffins ahead of time and store it in the refrigeration for later.

6- Waffle sandwich

Waffles are one of the most filling breakfasts that you can try out. You can jazz up your regular waffles by making a sandwich out of them. Prepare whole grain waffles and then slice those in half. Spread two tablespoons of peanut butter or jelly on the waffles. Your sweet take on a breakfast classic is ready to devour in those rush hour of the mornings. Layer the waffles with some strawberries on top.

7- Healthy breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos are an easy snack to munch on the go. Make your healthy breakfast burrito using black beans and egg proteins. You will feel fuller for long hours of the day. You can add some boiled and seasoned sweet potatoes into the mix to make the taste more interesting. Even this one is something that you can wrap up in foils and store in the freezer.

For most mornings, we just feel like grabbing the nearest granola bar or a fistful of cereals and rush out of the door on the way to the office. A gourmet breakfast is truly unrealistic goal to set. But you no longer need to fret as these seven healthy breakfast items are here to save the day by saving you from hunger pangs. All these recipes take a maximum of five to ten minutes to prepare, so it just does not get quicker than these in the mornings.