/7 Hobbies for Teens That Will Make Them Smarter Quickly
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7 Hobbies for Teens That Will Make Them Smarter Quickly

Wondering what you should suggest your teens as a hobby? These hobbies will make your teens smarter.

It was a common belief for centuries that a person is either blessed with smartness, intelligence, and talents or he/she is not. The idea was that once you are born with a certain level of intelligence, the best thing to do for you is to live up to that potential. Science and technology have come a long way since then and the current research proves that it is possible to increase the mind’s potential and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Here are the seven hobbies for teens, which will make them smarter quickly.

1- Playing musical instruments

Scientific research suggests that learning to play musical instruments increases the volume of gray matter and strengthens the neural connections between two hemispheres of the brain. Musical training makes people better at solving mathematical problems and calculating linear math problems. Besides, your communication skills, imagination and observatory powers are heightened by this training. You might feel that sports have that same effect. But where musical instruments surpass all others is it gives strength to a part of the brain known as the corpus callosum. Corpus callosum is the connecting factor between the two brain hemispheres.  Encourage your kids to learn to play a musical instrument.

2- Learning new languages

Your teens might have spent the whole day on solving complex Sudoku puzzles but have they ever thought of learning a new language? If they have not yet tried learning a new language, then go ahead and encourage them now. Studies have shown that the ones who speak more than a single language are better at handling puzzles when compared to the ones who are only fluent in one language. Learning of new languages allows the brain to perform functions like problem-solving and planning. There is another plus to this: knowing more than one language looks great on your resume as well!

3- Playing video games

The common notion that people have is that playing video games are actually bad for teens and children. But some video games can actually turn out to be great for their brain. The point to remember in this regard is to know which of the games are great for your teens. Scientific research shows solid evidence that hand-eye coordination is improved remarkably which comes in handy at the later stages of life. Video games also contribute to the decision-making skills of an individual. Choose proper games and do not gravitate towards the ones that are all about gore and violence.

4- Variety in reading

From the New York Times bestsellers to the classic comic books, encourage them to read a variety of things. Reading actually helps in increasing brain functions by creating new neural pathways. The neural pathways let one absorb new information. Some research shows that those that are capable of speed reading have better synapses. Synapses are the electrical connections between the regions of the brain that improves the reflexes and quick thinking abilities of a teenager.

5- Regular exercising

Exercising is not just great for your body but amazing for the mind as well. Exercises produce the protein named BDNF in the blood. The blood travels in the brain and lets the brain cells absorb this protein. This protein helps in the increase of memory and focus. Your teens do not need to be exercising rigorously to make their brains work faster and smarter. Just encourage them to go for simple jogging, walking or cycling on a regular basis. They can also take up hobbies like swimming or tennis. In no time, they will see the difference in themselves.

6- Brain workouts

Take up the activities that keep the mind sharp like crosswords, mystery games, video games, riddles and so on. The function performed by these activities is known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to organize itself. The nerve cells will respond in a variety of ways by taking up all these varied activities. Your teens will see things from several points of views and they will have a better connection between behaviors and emotions.

7- Meditations

The perks of meditation have been known and accepted since times immemorial. Meditation allows your teens to be in a better control of the way they think. The benefits are multiple like that of better concentration, focusing abilities, and a good memory. Start encouraging your teens to meditate from a younger age and the habit will stay with them for life.

The hobbies to take up are many but the fact of the matter is that you need to select something that is not just interesting but also entertaining to your teens. The hobby makes your teens smart and keeps them entertained is the one that will stay with them for life. Building up such habits at a young age is beneficial as that stays with them for a long time. A good hobby will show its effects in just a month if done rightly.

Do you want to suggest any hobbies for teens? Leave it in the comment section.