/Seven In-home Dog Care Tips You Can Follow Quickly
In-home dog care tips

Seven In-home Dog Care Tips You Can Follow Quickly

A pet dog brings extreme joy, happiness, and well-being in a home. There is little that we can do for them in return and we must never shy away from showing our love. Read below the quickest in-home dog care tips.

Pet dogs are family! They are fun, interesting, mischievous, and certainly, a man’s best friend. Having a pet dog at home has many positive effects on the family. They are proven to lower stress levels and enhance both physical and mental wellness of the people around. It is always a great pleasure to come back home to a pet dog.

Every pet owner has an emotional connect with its dog and wishes to take the best care of it. Though each dog’s breed is different, most things about dogs remain the same. Let us walk you through some easy in-home dog care tips that will make your dog happy and healthy.

Simple in-home dog care tips:

1. Bedding and Crate

You can easily gift your pet dog its own cozy place in your home by giving it a bed or a crate. If your pup is too young to take care of itself, buy him a comfy crate so he does not roam around and hurt itself in your absence. Choose a waterproof bedding that you must wash at-least once every week and dry it in the sun. Make sure the dog bedding is comfortable in all the weathers. In the winters, don’t forget to add some warm sheets or quilts to its bedding.

2. Bathing and Grooming

You must take care of your pet dog’s cleanliness. Ensure it neither smells bad nor keeps scratching itself. Regular bathing sessions in lukewarm water by using a high-quality shampoo ensure good hygiene for your dog. You must also regularly clean its teeth and wash its paws. You may use flea drops to keep your dog away from fleas and other body worms. Keep a check on its nails and cut them if they grow too long.

3. Food and Nutrition

This is one of the most important in-home dog care tips. Like a baby in the house, you must take care of your pet dog’s nutritional requirements. If you feed it junk, it is bound to become overweight and unenergetic. There are huge varieties of health food for dogs, you may consult a vet to know which one to choose to depend upon the age, breed, gender and activity level of your pet. The diet must have the right balance of protein, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins, carbs, and off-course water.

4. Training and Exercise

Dogs need to exercise daily to be fit, active and away from boredom. It also helps the dog manage its weight, have active muscles and good digestion. You may take it for a walk/jog or occasionally play some sports with it. Dogs like to run, jump, fetch and they also enjoy playing in the water. Any kind of physical activity, twice a day is going to uplift their mood, make them less irritable and enhances their overall physical health.

5. Health and Wellness

The easiest way to keep a check on the health of your pet dog is by monitoring its behavior and appearance. If you see any behavioral or physical changes, mood swings or fluctuations in its weight, you must visit a vet and discuss the details. Don’t forget to check your dog’s teeth every few days and pay attention to anything unusual.

As soon as you return from outdoors, check your pet dog’s paws for any foreign substance. While walking in the park or the street, the dog’s paws collect dirt and you must clean them with a disinfected damp cloth as licking it might make your pet dog sick.

6. Safety and Security

Our little effort can save our pet dogs from any unforeseen situations. If you have a pet dog at home, you must dog-proof your home. Any fertilizers or pesticides that you use in your garden can be harmful to the dog. Ensure you have a separate garden area for the dog where the grass is cut shorter to avoid any insects. The dog toys also attract a lot of dust and germs, make sure to disinfect them every few days. The dog food bowl can be easily kept away from ants by placing it in a shallow bowl of water that the dog can even lick when thirsty.

7. Your Pet Dog and You

The most important thing that you can do for your pet dog is to spend time with it. Like us humans, they long for personal attention and feel good if you play interesting games with them. By doing so daily, you also strengthen the bond that you share with your pet dog.

If you have a puppy, don’t leave it alone at home when you go out for work. Try looking for a pet sitter or a pet caretaker until the puppy is grown up enough. Buy chewable toys for your pet dogs so that they remain engaged when you are not around.

Keeping your pet dog happy and healthy is all about knowing what it likes and what it does not like. Spend time with it, take it out for walks and make it feel loved.

These simple tasks are sure to keep your pet dog physically and mentally fit. Do you have any special in-home dog care tips to share? Do let us know in the comments below!

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