/How to Prepare 5 Day Vacation Packing List Quickly
5 day vacation packing list

How to Prepare 5 Day Vacation Packing List Quickly

It is always a tiresome task to decide what you should pack in your bag for a vacation. Read this article to prepare a 5 day vacation packing list quickly.

From a long-planned trip or an impromptu getaway, packing right is like half the battle won. The problem is that for most of us, we do not get too much time to pack it all in way before time. Leaving it for the last minute is the only option for us in most cases. But packing stuff at the last minute does not have to mean that you take some things and forget many others if you have a 5 day vacation packing list handy.

Whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, the following six tips will definitely come in handy making the 5 day vacation packing list.

1- Pack in keeping with the weather and terrain

Check the prevailing weather conditions and weather forecasts of the place on the internet. Also, keep in mind the terrain of the place, like whether it is hilly, sandy or plain. Your clothes and shoes should reflect these conditions. For instance, there is no point in packing flip-flops if you are going to the mountains or woolens in August when you are going to Paris. You can ask for suggestions from others who have been to the place or from someone who is currently staying there.

2- Make a list of the clothes needed

You must list down all the clothes that you will need and refrain from packing in extra. You can go for the clothes that do double work. Take the example of a dark-colored dress for women that can be worn during the day as well as for a night out. All she will need to pack are the right accessories. The same goes for boys for whom a comfortable pair of sneakers can work in both pubs and hotel gyms. Keep in mind you itinerary for the five days and pack according to the activities that you will be doing on each of the days.

3- Packing the morning must-haves

There are certain things that you will need the first thing in the morning. Most of these items include the toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors and so on. Make a separate list of these items, and it would help if you can keep a separate pouch for just the things you need in the morning. Take the list in your hand and keep putting in all the morning necessities in the pouch. This list should also include things like moisturizers, cream, sunscreen, makeup, hairbrush- in short, all that you will need before stepping out of the hotel.

4- Not to forget things of the first-aid

Do not rely completely on finding medicine stores in the place that you are visiting and it will be better if you carry your first-aid box with you. In the list, keep the medicines that you need daily on top and then the medicines that you might need. The medicines that you might need include antacids, pills for fever, cough and cold, mild painkillers, and anti-allergic tablets. Also, make sure that you keep some band-aids, cotton, and ointments on your list of things.

5- The electronic goods of daily need

There are some electronic goods that you will need daily while on vacation. So, along with your camera and phone, your list must have chargers for your phone, camera, and laptop. An important tip in this regard is putting an adapter or charging extensions in your list as many hotels do not have this facility. If you are a music-lover put in the iPad and CDs in the list too. For women, this list would include things like hairdryers and straighteners. Make sure you charge the things well before packing them in.

6- Listing out the crunchy munchies

It is wise to carry some food items with you that you might need on the journey. A part of the list needs to list out the food items like cookies, biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits and so on. Do not take anything that can perish or go stale while you are on the journey. They will go stale and make your whole luggage stink. So, avoid taking anything sticky or juicy and stick to the dry food items.


Preparing a 5 day vacation packing list is not just to ensure that you do not forget things. It also ensures that you do not end up taking more things than that are needed. Packing in excess for a five-day trip will just end up making the luggage heavy and difficult to carry.

So, after you have made a 5 day vacation packing list, go through it again and again and ask yourself two important questions – 1. What are the things that you have not included? 2. What are things that you will not need? When you are sure about the answer to these two questions, get your things together in one place and sit down to pack.