/#8 Airplane Travel Tips That You can Follow Quickly
airplane travel tips

#8 Airplane Travel Tips That You can Follow Quickly

Want to travel economical and hassle-free, follow these airplane travel tips.

No wonder, air travel has improved a lot over the years, and with increased competition, all airlines are toiling hard to offer better flight services. But flying has become more crowded, less personal and the issues of safety and security have increased. To have a pleasant and hassle-free flying experience, here are eight easy airplane travel tips that you can follow quickly.

Airplane Travel Tips to Follow:

1- Choose the Right Flight

There are more options than ever when it comes to airplane travel. There are a number of airlines providing flight services. They offer from cheap economic class to business to executive class.

If your budget is a little low, you can choose an economic class. But let me tell you that there are many ways you can get business class tickets at a cheaper price.

There are many travel websites, for example, MakeMyTrip, Tripadvisor where you can find a lot of offers and discounts on air travel tickets. You can also find and book cab or taxi online at a discounted price.

Airlines too, offer discounts from time to time. So try to know about those discounts. Sign up the newsletter of airlines to get updates on any such discounts and other things related to travel.

2- Check Safety Records

Before plunking down big money to book your flight, make sure that the airline you want to book a flight with has a good safety record. Go through the safety records of the airline.

United Nation’s aviation agency has set standards for airlines. Check if your airlines follow them as well as local safety and security standards.

Aviation Safety Network offers data on accidents. It allows you to search for data of accidents by airline or country.

In addition, there are many websites that can help you can get such data of any airline. Websites like AirlineRatings.com rank carriers based on crash records and other data.

However, the ratings may fluctuate. For example, Lion Air was rated one star out of seven in 2016 but the airline got six out of seven 2017. This means it cannot be judged how safe an airline is to travel with, solely based on such data. Yet those data provide a crucial insight.

3- Pack Light

It is one of the most important airplane travel tips.

Traveling light is traveling happy. Do not stuff too many things. Take only those things that you cannot get easily. So have a cup of coffee and get laid back in your couch. Now ponder over things that you will require during the travel. Get to know if those things are available easily. And also do not cost much.

Make a list of the things that you do not think you can find easily. Also, take them with if you think they can add much to your travel cost. If you are obsessed with a particular, and cannot go with anything else available.

For example, shampoo, soaps, etc. If you cannot use them of any brand, take your picks with you. If you do not have any such liking, avoid them. Most hotels provide them. So you do not need to carry them.

4- Arrive Early

There are many formalities that you have to go through. Take check-in for example. And you are likely to see a long queue at the checking. Also, after hours of road journey, you are almost tired. And so standing in a long queue sounds hectic.

When you arrive early, you have time to get fresh and a rest for a while. This fills you with energy, and thus, it becomes a little easy for you to stand in the check-in line.

5- Check-in Online

Now check-in online facility is available. This saves you tons of time, and you do not face the hassles of standing in a long queue after hours of road trip. Many airlines offer luggage drop off for those who have already online check-in and have done all paperwork.

6- Take a Carry Bag

If you are traveling to warm places, you do need to take a lot of clothes. Pack of a few sarons, shorts, non-wrinkle pants, and you are ready to go. For a lady, a pair of a cute strappy dress is enough to go with.

Also, you need to keep ready all you need for check-in before it is your turn.

At the time of check-in, you need to show some documents such as visa, passport if you are traveling to a foreign country, and ticket and ID proof. So keep them in a separate carry on bag so you can access them instantly. This saves your time and other travelers in the queue behind you.

7- Load Videos or Music on Your Phone

If your choice is very personal when it comes to music or movie, make sure you load your favorite videos and music onto your phone or iPad.

8- Have Cash

At last, make sure you have cash that you may need to pay toll taxes. Also, you will need cash to pay porters at the valet parking. So before you leave for the airport, make sure you have some cash.

As you arrive at the destination airport, go to an ATM and get out some cash in local currency. So you can pay for a taxi and other things you need.

With the airplane travel tips, you can make your air travel a pleasant and hassle-free experience. However, you must do anything that you think can make your travel a pleasant experience.

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