/How to Avoid a Cold (Seven Tips That Work Fast)
how to avoid a cold

How to Avoid a Cold (Seven Tips That Work Fast)

Do you know how to avoid a cold? These seven proven tips will help you keep the cold at bay.

With winter already around there, the worry of cold is also intensified among people. And this is more so among those with weaker immunity. But a bit of right knowledge of how to care yourself during winter can significantly help you not only avoid a cold but also remain fit and healthy. So I have curated a list of seven top tips that work quickly to prevent you from the cold.

How to avoid a cold:

1- Start Your Day with a Glass of Warm Water

Weaker immunity is a common reason for a cold. This means people with the weaker immune system are more prone to catching a cold. A glass of warm water can do the magic. So start your day with a glass of fairly hot water. This enhances the ability to fight with cold-causing germs. Also, people with stronger immunity is less at risk of getting infected. And a glass of water takes nothing but a little effort. Include this in your daily routine, if not round the year, for at least during winter.

2- Maintain Good Hygiene

You can get a cold through the person suffering the cold. And the risk of getting infected is higher among those people whose immune system is weak. So maintaining personal hygiene becomes a must. Sanitize your hands every time you go to the washroom. Also, when you shake hands with a person having a cold. Also, keep your clothes clean. Never use, if possible, the same clothing for more than a day.

3- Take Sun Bath

Sunlight is the natural source of energy. It keeps our body warm naturally. Also, sunlight is a good source of vitamin D, a vital element for a good health. A lot of germs is died by the heat of sunlight. So taking sunbath for at least one hour daily will be effective in keeping the cold at bay. In fact, everyone loves sunbathing during winter. Having some time in sunlight provides a host of other health benefits as well.

4- Go to Bed Early

Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. Yes, keeping awake late night, particularly during winter has a huge impact on your immunity. In fact, late night sleeping disturbs metabolism of the body, and this ultimately results in reduced immunity. But here one thing to note is that people with weaker immunity should avoid early wake-up. Because. Morning is comparatively cold, and so this time the possibility of you catching a cold is relatively high. So you would better be inside till the sun rises.

5- Eat Healthy Foods

you are what you eat. And your ability to fight with cold and other diseases depends very much on the foods you eat. Include in your daily diet the foods rich in iron and zinc, the two vital elements that help fight cold and flu. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach are a good source of iron. Also, you can food supplements to meet the iron requirement of your body. But meet your doctor before you start taking any food supplement.

6- Do lots of Workouts

Exercise is good for health. It has many health benefits. For example, walking for an hour daily can help you keep your heart healthy. Exercise also helps make your immune system stronger. It improves the blood circular thereby it helps vital elements that you get from foods reach to all parts of the body. Physical activities are crucial for all parts of the body to function properly. But this does not you should involve intense workout. Simple activities like running, some stretching, and yoga and meditation can do good to your health.

7- Try Zinc Lozenges

Despite all your efforts to stave off germs if you get a cold, zinc lozenges as research has shown, would help you soften the cold duration. They bind to the viral particles and thus help prevent the further development of cold-causing germs. Note that this trick does not help you avoid a cold. But it works to soften the effect of a cold. If you catch a cold, try this to get relief of the cold. Zinc lozenges are very effective in reducing the symptoms of a cold.

The above tips are proven to work, so following them would help you avoid a cold. However, if you have a cold, meet your doctor who would suggest you the right medication. Note, never try self-medication as it is seen people consider the like of cold as a minor problem and so become their own doctor. No problem is so small.

Sunil Sharma is a writer at DoQuiuckly. He ghost blogs for startups and individuals. You can contact him on LinkedIn for any freelance writing work.