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How to Do One Room Apartment Design And Decoration Quickly

Don’t know what to do for your one room apartment design and decoration? This brief article will help you out.

Living in a luxurious house with spacious rooms and a beautiful verandah for lounging while looking at your very own lovely garden would be a wonderful feeling. It is like a dream come true, isn’t it? However, in the reality, a lavish apartment with fabulous decor is often far-fetched due to skyrocketing rents in urban areas. That’s why many of us, especially nuclear families and young working couples, prefer 1BHK apartments.

When you rent a one room apartment where bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom – all jostle for space, it is natural that you may feel claustrophobic sometimes. But with some smart decorating ideas you can transform your one room apartment into a more pleasing abode.

Agreed that one room apartment design and decoration can be challenging, but it is not impossible. You just need to follow some simple, practical decor ideas to gift your dwelling a bright look and cozy feel.

These simple, easy-to-follow decor tips will add panache to your one room apartment without emptying your pocket.

1. Paint Your Walls with Light Colors

Light colors help in opening up space while dark colors do the opposite. So, you should choose light colors to paint the walls of your house. White, pastel, light shades of pink and blue, soft tones of cream and ivory, mellow yellow – these are some colors that you should choose from to give your house a bright, relaxing aura.

2. Treat Your Windows Appropriately

To make your apartment look spacious, stylish and uncluttered, choose the right type of curtains and place them aptly. Pick mono-color curtains in light shades so that the sunlight can reflect inside the rooms to make them look spacious. If you want some designs in your curtains, go for vertical stripes, they add height to a small space.

The length of the curtains should be long, hang them a few inches above a window frame. Make sure that the curtains should be long enough to barely touch the floor but not too long to be dragged on the floor or bunched up in a pile.

3. Choose Furniture Smartly

Say goodbye to heavy, big wooden furniture, and opt for lighter options. Buy furniture pieces having multiple utility and storage options like sofa cum bed, wall mounted bookshelf, multi storage cabinets, study table with drawers etc. For your hall, ditch the sofa and go for bean bags and rugs with cushions to save space while giving the place a cozy look.

4. Make Realistic Choice for Lighting Your Home

Lighting has a great impact on interior design. You can totally change the look and feel of your living space by only varying the lighting. Buying expensive lights and lamps which are heavy and take up all the space at home is rather not advisable. Choose small, elegant lamps that help scatter and spread light evenly across your rooms. One of the popular designs for small space lighting is recessed lighting. To add a beautiful accent to your design and make small areas look larger, use ceiling light fixtures together with wall lights and floor lamps that provide recessed lighting. Another way to visually extend a small room is directing the light to the ceiling using modern track lighting along with floor lamps and wall lights.

Being simple and minimalistic should be the mantra while decorating a 1 BHK apartment. And don’t forget to leave some empty space. Not every nook and corner in a room needs to be filled with the decor.

Do you want to share any other on one room apartment design and decoration? Do share it in the comment section. I’d love to know.

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