/Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit for India Quickly

Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit for India Quickly

Planning a vacation? The holiday season is on its wake, and we are getting ready to enjoy our time off. Then having first aid kit is one of the prerequisites. Given below are some tips for packing travel first aid kit for India quickly.

While we are busy selecting our vacation wardrobe for India’s warmer and sunny climates, stocking a first aid kit should also be on your to-do list. The first aid kit should contain the essential items without taking up too much space in your luggage. Even though there are pre-packed travel kits available, and we recommend that you tailor it according to your needs.

Travel First Aid Kit for India (How to Pack it Quickly)

1. Segregate

Before packing your medicines, divide them into groups of three:

  1. Your prescription medicine, including any particular medications if you are traveling to a hill station or for altitude sickness if trekking. Allergy medication, inhalers also come in this section
  2. First aid items that are commonly used like a digital thermometer, band-aids, cotton, paracetamol tablets, tablets for headaches, muscle soreness and oral rehydration salts
  3. The third category would be the emergency pills like anti-diarrheal and pain relievers. It saves you from frantically searching for a medical shop at 3 am

This partition helps you in calculating the number of pills that you need to take for your trip. The second and third category of medicines should be just enough to cover you for 2-4 days. It helps you buy time to restock. This method comes in handy when traveling with kids and elders.

2. Pick the right size

When packing the travel first aid kit for India, use a material that is water resistant. Don’t use a plastic container as it makes bags heavier, takes up space and is prone to damage as well. Use paperback book size water-resistant pouch that has enough space to hold all your essential medicines and first-aid. Always have antiseptic wipes as part of your first aid kit. Don’t overcrowd your first aid kit as it hinders storage of your essentials and your wardrobe.

3. Some add-ons

When you pack travel first aid kit for India, do not forget the pollution face mask, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen as they are convenient for on-road travel. Sunscreen shields your face from the harsh sun during those sightseeing tours. Having mosquito repellants as part of your first aid kit will help in avoiding those irregular nights of sleep and keeps you refreshed.

Make sure that your first aid kit is accessible at all times. If you are traveling by air, keep them in your cabin luggage. While sightseeing, the first aid kit should be in your satchel or handbag. When carrying generic medicine, keep them in their original packing. Clean your hands often with water or hand sanitizer.

4. Gauze

Keep a gauze as part of your travel first aid kit for India. It is quite useful to clean wounds, apply pressure, stop bleeding or even be used as a dressing to wrap up small or medium-sized abrasions or bruises. The best type of gauze to use would be individual units of square-shaped sterile gauze. It eliminates the need for scissors. Have some elastic bandages for an emergency, it will help in keeping the dressing place or until the time you get proper medical attention. Surgical tapes are a good alternative if you do not wish to carry bandages.

5. Scissors and tweezers

Have a small pair of scissors in your travel first aid kit. Nowadays, pre-packed first aid kits come with scissors and are quite useful for trimming cotton, gauze or bandages to size. However, make sure when traveling by air, you keep the scissors in your check-in luggage, or else it will be taken away by airport security. Tweezers help in pulling out those splinters or little stone pieces when cleaning a wound. Other than these uses, tweezers do have many other practical uses as well.

6. Loperamide tablets

Having loperamide tablets handy is very important when traveling due to the intake of different foods and water. They help in controlling diarrhea, but one should note that they only stop them for a certain period. It should be used in an emergency like when traveling through a bus or while trekking.

7. Cream

Antihistamine and antibacterial creams are a must when traveling to combat those bug bites, cuts, and bruises. Most of the times, those bug bites will be quite harmless. But it will be quite annoying to keep scratching them, so an antihistamine cream will control itching and swelling.

Use these tips and tricks to pack your travel first aid kit for India quickly and enjoy your holidays stress-free. If you have some more ideas for the first aid kit, do share them in the comments below.

Sandhya Manikandan holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Madras. She has been in the field of content writing over the past four years and has written many articles, newsletters, and blogs for firms in India, UAE, Singapore, and the USA. She is currently pursuing her masters in English Literature and is an avid blogger.