/Eight Tips for Healthy Lifestyle That You Can Follow Quickly

Eight Tips for Healthy Lifestyle That You Can Follow Quickly

Searching for tips that lead to a healthy lifestyle? Here are eight quick tips that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to upholding a healthy lifestyle, there are so many rules, that it becomes exasperating to keep up. With our hectic schedules, roles, and responsibilities, it often hard to keep track of those do’s and don’ts.

However, these simple and quick tips will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1- Keep Yourself Hydrate

We often forget to drink water at regular intervals even though our body is made up of 60% of water. Having a glass of water every day on an empty stomach in the morning will flush out the toxins and keep your system clean.

As we lose water through our bowel movements, sweat, and other ways, it is vital to stay hydrated. You can also take a variety of juices to keep yourself hydrated. Have a water bottle at your desk to keep you replenished.

2- Don’t Skip Meals

Never skip a meal especially breakfast as it helps you kick start your day. Having a healthier and substantial breakfast is vital as more than 60% of our daily calorie limit is obtained from breakfast. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet.

Furthermore, a study published in the Nutrition Journal,2014 found that a protein-packed breakfast helps in controlling cravings throughout the day. Likewise, it is equally important that you slowly cut down on processed or packaged food as they come with high salt content.

Avoiding oily, and sugary foods will also result in a healthy lifestyle. Instead of going for fried snacks, eat baked snacks or fruits every 2 or 3 hours to keep those cravings at bay.

3- Meditate Regularly

Meditation is an excellent way to quieten the mind and calm your soul. It helps you to destress and collect your thoughts. Sit down and close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly for 10 to 15 minutes every day to fight off anxiety, improve your attention and to sleep better.

Meditation is well known for its calming effects and promotes healthy living. In addition to these benefits, regular meditation also keeps you happier.

4- Be Active

Even though we like to be active all day, we are often confined to our desks. As sitting for more extended periods will affect your health and potentially harm you in the long run. Take a break and walk around your cubicle every two hours for 10 to 15 minutes. This walking will keep you alerted and refreshed.

Make walking a regular part of the routine as it comes with numerous benefits like burning calories, getting more oxygen in the system, reduce stress and so on.

5- Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is a brilliant way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise will help lower the risk of diseases, increase muscle and bone strength, lose weight and lengthen the life span. Exercising does not warrant any specific time; you can include them in your daily schedule.

For example, start walking for shorter distances, use the stairs instead of the elevator etc. Choose the exercises you want to do as time goes you will start enjoying them, and exercising will become your second nature.

6- Try to Have Sound Sleep

Working long hours before a screen or if you are addicted to your smartphone, your sleep cycle will be affected. Lack of sleep will make you irritable, low on energy, drowsy and affect your memory. Sleep deprivation will give harmful effects in the long term.

So, it is crucial to have those eight hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle and to rejuvenate your body.

7- Don’t Shun Carbs

A healthy lifestyle requires all types of nutrition, and with zero-carb diets on the rise, the effect is very much negative. Carbohydrates not only give energy they also give proteins and minerals required for the body to handle day to day activities.

Avoiding carbohydrates will lead to rapid loss of water weight, which is similarly often misunderstood as weight loss. Once again when carbohydrates become part of your diet, there will be a weight gain. The key to a healthy life is the consumption of a balanced diet with all types of nutrients.

8- Be Proactive

When planning for a healthy lifestyle, it is always better to prepare for long-term goals rather than short ones. When you decide to live a healthy lifestyle, it will enable you to make better choices. At the same time, getting rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking is also a must for a healthier lifestyle.

Adopting and regularly following these simple and quick tips will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have some more extra quick tips, do share them in the comments below.

Sandhya Manikandan holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Madras. She has been in the field of content writing over the past four years and has written many articles, newsletters, and blogs for firms in India, UAE, Singapore, and the USA. She is currently pursuing her masters in English Literature and is an avid blogger.