/Eight Great Living Room Design Ideas You Can Implement Quickly

Eight Great Living Room Design Ideas You Can Implement Quickly

Want to change the look of your living room? Follow these easy-to-implement living room design ideas.

The living room is one of the most important areas in our home. It is the place where friends and family gather to spend some quality time with each other. This makes it essential to design your living room in such a way that your friends can’t stop praising. From design schemes layered with antiques to sleek lofts, here we present some awesome living room decoration ideas that you can implement yourself.

Living room design ideas:

1- Place colorful sofas

The seating arrangement is very important in a living room, as this is the room where your guests will rest. This makes it all the more important for you to pay special attention to the sofas. Before you buy sofas for your living room, make sure to measure your space. This way you will know the size of the sofas that will best suit the space. Try to create intimate conversation areas with seating. Play with colors. Go for sofas with bold colors. This will give your living space a stunning look.

2. Keep things linear

You can try implementing different types of linear and geographical prints. This will not only give your small living room a sense of structure but also provide it with the illusion of additional width and length.

3. A wall of books

Do you have a collection of books but can’t decide where to store them all without making your home look too stuffy? Well, we suggest you make use of your living room walls. Turn your boring living room into your favorite room – a top-to-bottom mini library. Love the idea? This will provide you with a lot of storage opportunities as well.

Choose the side of your wall where you want to store your books and fit the racks there. Keep your favorite books on the racks and see how cool they look. This will not only make a statement but also give a luxurious feel to your entire living room. If you want to make your room more stylish, choose a rich color such as hunter green and add molding in order to polish off the custom look.

4. Bring in the greenery

You cannot deny the fact that plants add so much value to any room in your home. And you can actually get really creative with them in your living space. You can place a large plant as the focal point on a table. Also, you may choose to place some plants in the corners of your room, as this will brighten up the whole space by making it look lively. If your room is small and does not have much floor space, you may choose to hang greenery, as this will not take up your precious floor space.

5. Make use of underused spots

If your living space is small, you should always make it a point to use every bit of it as efficiently as possible. Make the windows of your living room to some good use. Put the window sills to work holding plants, books or other decorative objects. Don’t keep the space under the coffee table blank. You may choose to place some of your favorite items there. Also, you can use the space to tuck some additional poufs for more usage. This will not only utilize the space very well but also prevent the space from looking boring.

6. Layer your lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in the decoration of your home – be it your bedroom or your living room. It has the power to make or break the entire look of your living room. So be wise while choosing the lights. If you have a small living room, go for layered lighting.

The benefit? Keeping lights at multiple levels creates not only a moody yet well-lit room but also the illusion of a larger room. You can use chandeliers, floor lamps, and task lights to create layered lighting. Whatever lights you choose, they should be able to make your living room bright and the center of attraction.

7. Use draperies

Want to add height to your living space? Draperies are a great way to do that. Here is the trick. Hang them from where your wall meets your ceiling and let them slightly touch the ground. This will add instant height to your space. Now, there is one thing that you should keep in mind while selecting the draperies. What is the color of your room? Is it white or some neutral color? Then hang draperies in some matching colors. The same goes for bold colored rooms as well. This means, if the color of your room is red, then buy draperies in some matching shades. This will make your living room look good. It always works.

8. Hang a collection

Do you have walls in your room that are blank and nothing extraordinary? Do you want to change the look of your walls? Use some decorative wall hangings. If you love keeping things sober, choose the wall hangings that are cute and elegant. However, if you want something different, hang an eclectic collection of baskets. This will catch the eyes of your guests and make your living room look different and attractive.

Your living room is the first space that your guests see when they visit your home. So if you want them to gape in awe, you have to make that extra effort to decorate it like a dream.

All-white rooms are great to make your room spacious. Also, it allows you to play with colors and make the space bright and bold. Off-white walls seem to go on forever as the different colored curtains do not interrupt the visual line.

This will give your living room a polished look. Now that you know what colors, lighting and decorative items to go for, give your living room a stunning makeover.

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