/Seven Fingernail Care Tips (That You Can Follow Quickly)
fingernail care tips

Seven Fingernail Care Tips (That You Can Follow Quickly)

We all want to have healthy, beautiful fingernails. But not all people know the tips to do so. These seven fingernail care tips will help you have beautiful fingernails quickly.

Did you know that nails are one the most neglected parts of the human body? We prioritize washing hands and keeping them moisturized but often forget to take care of our fingernails. Like any other body part, we must nurture our nails too.

Discolored nails with dents don’t look unhealthy. To your surprise, there are small everyday tasks that, when done regularly, can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your nails. A healthy nail has a uniform pinkish color and a smooth texture. There are not any spots, pits or grooves on the nail’s surface. But a healthy nail is not just defined by its looks but also by its strength. Beautiful nails that are brittle are not a sign of healthy fingernails.

Let us discuss some quick fingernail care tips:

1. Clip Timely

Your nail length should always be comfortable to you, if they grow too long too quickly, you must trim them more often. Delay in cutting them short may lead them to chip off on their own or get caught in things. Always clip in a round shape. You must not ever bite your nails or cuticles as biting may expose the inner skin and lead to infections. Also, you should never clip dry nails and always use a nail cutter after having a bath or soaking your fingernails in warm water so that the nails become soft and fragile. You should never pull off the hangnails or cut too deep into the skin.

2. Keep Nails Dry and Clean

Dry and clean nails prevent bacteria growth under the nails, thus maintaining good hygiene. Your hands/fingernails should not be exposed to water for an extended time. You must use a mild soap and detergent, which is free from any harmful chemicals. It is advisable to use waterproof hand gloves if you are going to be doing a lot of dishes and/or laundry work.

3. Use Moisturizer Regularly

Whenever you moisturize your hands, you must also rub your hand cream on your fingernails and cuticles, especially on the corners and edges. After you use any soap, shampoo or washing soap, ensure to use a moisturizing cream. Even sanitizers tend to dehydrate your hands/fingernails due to their excessive alcohol content, do not forget to moisturize after using a sanitizer. Alternatively, you can make it a habit to moisturize before going to bed each day so you can enjoy waking up to super soft hands and nails every morning.

4. Use Tested Nail Products Only

We frequently use nail paints and nail paint removers on our fingernails. It is recommended to use only quality products that have been tested and approved by regulating authorities to be void of any harmful chemicals. As an additional step, you may apply a base coat to avoid staining your nails with the nail paint color. It is suggested to use acetone free nail paint removers that too not more than twice a month.

5. Occasional Manicure

It is a good idea to visit a salon once in a while for a manicure session to get hydrated hands and fingernails. Make sure to book an appointment at a salon that is certified for its service and has an experienced trained staff. Also, to prevent any infections, don’t shy away from ensuring that the salon staff uses sterilized equipment only.

6. Follow a Good Diet

Brittle nails are often caused by iron deficiency in the human body. Including iron-rich ingredients like spinach, beans, red meat, fish, etc in your everyday meal will help nourish nails and make them stronger. Also, beetroot that is rich in Calcium and Vitamin D is known to improve nail growth. You may consider consuming the nutritional supplement called Biotin, which has been proven to strengthen the fragile nails.

7. Visit a Doctor

We are often ignorant of our nail problems. However, we must visit a doctor or a dermatologist if there is a persistent issue or if we notice the following symptoms :

  • Unusual nail color – discoloration or a dark streak under the nail
  • Changes in nail shape
  • Curling of nails
  • Thickening or thinning of nails
  • Bleeding around the nails or cuticles
  • Swelling or pain around the nails
  • Restricted nail growth
  • Separation of the nail from the skin

A dedicated fingernail care routine can avoid undesirable nail conditions. While unhealthy nails look ugly, well-maintained fingernails not only make your hands feel pretty but also reflect you high on hygiene and health standards.

All the above fingernail care tips are very easy to follow and are guaranteed to give you beautiful healthy nails. If there is anything else that you do to keep your nails bright and shinning, do write about them to us in the comments below!