/Seven Monsoon Dishes You Can Prepare at Home Quickly
monsoon dishes

Seven Monsoon Dishes You Can Prepare at Home Quickly

Monsoons call for a celebration! So, ditch your diet plans and munch on some hot delicacies this rainy season. Presenting super easy monsoon dishes that you can cook at home quickly.

The rain showers bestow us with immense comfort from the scorching sun and make us crave for some lip-smacking eats. While most of us would love to go out and enjoy the street food, the rains make it inconvenient and often unhealthy to snack from the roadside eating joints.

A good alternative is to home cook some of your favorite tangy recipes and enjoy the showers from the luxury of your home. We are here to help you with some quick to cook monsoon dishes that are healthy to eat, time-efficient and hassle-free to prepare.

Mouth-Watering Monsoon Dishes:

1. Fritters (Pakoras / Bhajis)

Fritters are undoubtedly the most popular rainy season snack. These are prepared by deep frying stuffed gram flour batter or bread, are served hot with tomato ketchup or chili mint, and curd sauce. You may choose to stuff the fritters with mix vegetables like onions, potato, cauliflower or try some cottage cheese and corns variants.

2. Stuffed Indian Flatbread (Paratha)

The flatbread is the quickest option for a monsoon meal. Cooked on a flat frying pan using wheat flour dough, the paratha is generally relished with curd and/or butter. While you can cook a plain paratha as well, vegetable stuffed parathas are everyone’s favorite. Mashed potato paratha is the king of all! We suggest you to try the cottage cheese and onion mixed flatbread for an altogether new taste.

3. Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (Momos)

If you are health conscious and do not relish fried monsoon dishes, steamed momos can be your savior for the monsoon quick bites. Stuff these with your favorite vegetables or you can also get experimental with some soya or chicken chunks. Enjoyed with a chili sauce, you may also serve the dumplings with mayonnaise for those who do not like spicy food. To make these even healthier, use wheat flour instead of the regular all-purpose flour.

4. Grilled Chicken / Paneer Nuggets ( Tandoori Tikka )

Looking for high protein recipes, try chicken or cottage cheese grilled nuggets. The chicken or paneer chunks are marinated in a spicy curd and then cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor. In the absence of a tandoor, you may use an electric oven or even a flat pan. You may also grill a few vegetables like onions and bell peppers to add to the taste and serve with red or green chutney. These are very high in nutritional value, taste heavenly and are stomach filling too.

5. Fried Rice

If you have some leftover rice, do not think twice before preparing fried rice from it. Pre-cooked rice gets dry in a refrigerator and thus is a better substitute to freshly prepared rice for frying purposes. This is the ideal choice for a monsoon dish if you are looking for a complete meal that is fulfilling and satisfying. You may use white or brown rice and add any veggies of your choice along with some tofu, fish, chicken, beaten egg or shrimp. It is relatively less time consuming to make and beats the subtle monsoon chill.

6. Tomato Spinach Soup

The tomato spinach soup is very comforting if you have caught a cold and cough by getting drenched in the monsoon rain. It is painless to make and is fulfilling yet light on your stomach. You may also add some carrots while cooking the soup and later garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with breadsticks and enjoy the whole meal. If tomatoes are not something you like, you may try sweet corn soup, vegetable soup or even a chicken soup.

7. Jalebi

If you have a sweet tooth, the last dish on our list is especially for you. Jalebi is the most sought-after Indian dessert. It is prepared by pouring the all-purpose batter into a muslin cloth with a small outlet. The batter is released from the outlet into the hot oil in a spiral shape. The spiral-shaped pieces are then dipped in a sugary syrup and served with either hot milk or chilled Rabri. This dish is enjoyed by both kids and adults, often in the breakfast too.

Monsoons are the perfect time to savor your favorite delicacies and make the rainy season merrier for yourself. All the above finger-licking recipes are quick to cook and super healthy substitutes for junk food. Do not forget to brew a cup of masala chai with some ginger and cinnamon to be away from the water-borne diseases this monsoon!

Which of the above monsoon dishes are you going to cook for your family? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!